Paradigm Winery, Oakville, Napa Valley
Paradigm Winery, Oakville, Napa Valley

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We believe there is nothing more sustainable than growing food from your own garden.  Fresh, healthy produce enjoyed soon after it is picked.  Paradigm’s one-acre organic garden lies adjacent to the Napa River.  The famous landscape architect, Thomas Church, worked on the property in the 1920’s and there are still some remnants of his work around the garden. 

Farming is a way of life for the family.   Today our garden is planted to provide a full array of fresh produce over the course of the growing season in Napa Valley. 

Over the years, as the organic method developed, we have continued to incorporate the best products and methods available for the enrichment of our soil, nurturing the ground without the use of harmful pesticides.

Currently we are optimizing space and production of food crops to feed our winery staff and families.  

The wealth of produce includes tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, eggplant, hot and sweet peppers, corn, several types of squash and French melons.  In addition to the abundance of produce, the property includes numerous fruit trees, all of the culinary herbs and a vocal chicken coop producing garden fresh eggs. 


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