Paradigm Winery, Oakville, Napa Valley
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville

paradigm cabernet

My First comment tasting this wine is "wow!" It's delicious; our flagship wine at Paradigm and it delivers. Dense, deep, ripe aromas of black berry and black cherry-like fruit layered with caramel and toastiness from a nice mix of French Oak barrels. Flavors coat the palate with matching notes in a classic Cabernet Sauvignon presentation. One of our best Cabs to date!

96% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Merlot , 1% Petit Verdot


2012 Merlot, Oakville

paradigm merlot
The 2012 Merlot is medium dark ruby in color with clean aromatics of ripe plums and cherries layered with light touches of spice and sweet French Oak notes. Truly a yummy Merlot across the mouth it is soft and silky, truly a seamless wine. Nice purity of flavors here with an exciting flavor profile, lively but with a nice finish. I love the mouth feel and ripeness we were able to get from our vineyard in 2012. This is an easy wine to love. .

96% Merlot, 3%Cabernet Sauvigon, 1% Petit Verdot


2012 Zinfandel, Oakville

New Release:

Our Zinfandel benefited from the near perfect 2012 vintage, with pure aromas of ripe boysenberry, black raspberry and spice. This is a big wine without the alcohol or tannins. Smooth, rich, and lush across the palate, nicely balanced, tasting great now and will age beautifully.

99% Zinfandel
1% Petit Verdot


2012 Cabernet Franc, Oakville

paradigm cabernet franc
This Cabernet Franc is black cherry red in color with aromas of blueberry jam and white pepper spiciness. With wonderful ripeness in 2012 we were able to make one of our best Cabernet Francs. The wine is very lush across the palate with a silky softness and sweet impression of ripe blueberry fruit. Tannins are very moderate with a nice light texture in the mid palate. This is an easy drinking Cabernet Franc, rich and complete and very enjoyable.

76% Cabernet Franc,
13% Cabernet Sauvignon
, 8% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot

2015 RosÉ of merlot, Oakville

paradigm rose of merlotThe 2015 Rosé is a brilliant salmon pink wine with clean fresh aromatics of strawberry and delicate rose petals. Across the palate the wine is refreshing, bright, and crisp. Our Rosé is dry, lending itself perfectly for many food pairings. It's fruity with nice acidity and persistent clean flavors.

100% Merlot



PARAVINESThe Paravines blend is unique to Paradigm being 50% Petit Verdot and 50% Merlot.  The wine is ruby red in color with wide open aromatics.  Very fragrant, flavors are of ripe plums and sugar coated violets with toasty caramel like French Oak.  This is delicious across the palate, a delight to the taste buds.  It is loaded with flavor and richness without any heaviness.  Mouth coating and lively with nice textural moderate tannins and oak sweetness.

50% Petit Verdot
50% Merlot


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